The basics

What is Agentplus?

Agentplus is a fully outsourced Residential Property Management solution. We take care of back end administrative tasks leaving you free to manage your relationships.

What is included in the Agentplus software?

Agentplus is a one stop solution. The price includes all trust accounting, document processing, inspection apps, owner and tenant apps, marketing, upgrades and storage.

Signing up

Can I get a demo?

Yes – click here and a consultant will be in touch shortly.

How do I sign up?

Contact where a consultant will assist you further.

What set up process is required?

You will be assigned a dedicated implementation consultant who will guide you through the whole implementation and training process end to end.

How long does implementation take?

6-8 weeks is the normal implementation time. During this period several cuts of data are done so that data integrity is paramount. You are issued with a dedicated project manager who will guide you through every aspect of the implementation.

Can I integrate with other platforms?

Yes, Agentplus integrates with many other real estate platforms including, Domain, InspectRealEstate and more. We constantly review best in business to enhance our product as well as integrate with leaders in the industry.

Using Agentplus

Who can use Agentplus?

Agentplus can be used by Property Managers, Team Leaders, Managers and Principals. Our Apps are also purpose built for Owners and Tenants.

Can I use Agentplus on mobile devices?

Yes, you can use Agentplus web on a device with an internet or Wi-Fi connection.

What features do you provide?

Agentplus is a fully integrated software incorporating end to end property management solutions as well as our inspection app, owner portal, tenant portal, trust accounting and document processing.

How does reporting work?

We run multiple reports every single day to help business owners and property managers keep their finger on the pulse. Reports are built for multi levels including single property managers, teams, offices, regions and whole of business.

Your tenants and landlords

What is Propertyplus?

Propertyplus is our purpose-built owner and tenant portal. It can be used on Apple or Android, PC or tablet.

What information is visible to landlords and tenants?

Inspections, property details such as lease and paid to dates, any documents you set to share, maintenance and invoice history, financial summaries and statements, immediate notification when rent is paid, photos, the ability to request maintenance or services and more.


How are fees calculated?

Fees are calculated on a per property per month basis and are all inclusive – contact us to discuss your business fees today.

Are there any additional fees?

Additional fees on the Agentplus service are: a datalink as required and your trust account audit fee.

Trust accounting

How does trust accounting work?

Agentplus have a team of qualified and dedicated trust accountants that take care of your every trust accounting need from statement download, receipting, paying out owners and suppliers, daily reconciliation, monthly reconciliation, EOFY reconciliation and audit. Your Trust Account remains yours and your team approves every payment before it is made.

Can I have Agentplus without trust accounting outsourced?

No, Agentplus is a one stop full outsourced management system.


How secure is my data?

Agentplus has sophisticated firewalls in place protecting our clients’ data from external eyes as well as completely separating all data from other clients. We take the protection of data seriously.

How is my trust account protected?

Your trust account remains yours and every payment is authorised by your staff before it is made. Trust accounts balance each night with continual sweeps throughout the day and night. Every account is balanced and reconciled daily with reports coming to you each day as well as weekly and monthly.

Where can I find more information on your policies?

Contact us for any of our policies or for more information.

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Find out what Agentplus can do for your agency

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