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Welcome to Agentplus

Property Management just got a whole lot easier!

Agentplus is an exciting new service that provides you with the tools for greater productivity, cost management and competitive differentiation straight out of the box!

A secure, fully hosted, property management software application means that you never need to worry about backups or upgrades. A fully managed trust accounting solution means that you never have to worry about bank reconciliations, funds security, transaction fees or end of month processing.

By eliminating “back office” tasks, more time can be dedicated to face-to-face interaction between clients and staff.

You can provide your customers with an iPhone or Android app that gives them all their property information right at their fingertips. We also have an iPhone app for property managers that gives them their portfolios wherever they are and allows them to perform property inspections straight from the app.


If you are serious about growing your rent roll, you need to look at Agentplus!




Outsourced services

Every day, we physically sort, scan and upload the many hundreds of invoices you may receive ready for your approval. We simplify and attend to your daily payment processing.


At end of month, or at a time of your choosing, your owner statements are automatically collated with invoices relating to the property and electronically dispatched. Your trust account is reconciled daily and we provide you with extensive reporting and auditing as part of our blue ribbon service

The removal of back office tasks will give you back more time which you can dedicate to growing your rent roll.


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What tasks exactly does Agentplus perform?

If Agentplus does all my trust accounting and property administration tasks, then what do I do? The answer is you provide your customers with proactive service and personal attention that you otherwise did not have the time for!

One of the great benefits of the Agentplus Service is that it allows offices to achieve efficiencies and economies of scale that they might not otherwise be able to via strategic sourcing of non-core business activities.

The following diagram shows the separation of duties under the Agentplus model, “Customer Facing” tasks to be provided by your office, and the underlying administrative or “Back Office” type tasks that are to be provided by Agentplus.


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Cost management

As your rent roll grows, so too can variable costs - for example, salaries and wages, postage, printing, etc. The benefit of using the Agentplus service is that these variable costs become fixed costs, allowing your business to scale easily and efficiently. This gives an additional level of certainty for budgeting for growth, and allows for simple acquisition of rent rolls.


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